Procedures Offered

- Routine General Physical Examinations

- Routine Newborn and Child Examinations

- FMCSA Fitness for Duty Examinations (commonly known as DOT Physicals)

- Occupational Medicine - Care for Business Employees

- Prenatal Care

- PAP smear

- Endometrial Biopsy

- Mole Removal

- Skin Cyst Excision

- Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment - OMT

- IV Fluid Administration

- In-Office Blood work

- Joint Injections to Shoulder, Knee, Foot/Ankle, Hand/Wrist, Elbow

- Laceration/Wound Repair with Sutures

- Vasectomy

- Nexplanon Contraceptive Rod Placement

- Intrauterine Device Insertion & Removal

                                                                        West Fork Family Medicine                                                                                    provides a range of 

                                                                        medical services.

Our main goal is not to provide patient satisfaction, not to tell people what they want to hear or even make friendships; although these factors are strongly desired. Our primary goal is to provide the best medical care, give our strongest and most comprehensive advice to help promote overall wellness taking into account each patient's individual situation.

Our patients anticipate change over time.  As medical studies become published and medical guidelines change, our providers modify their treatments and the recommendations they provide their patients. 

Our services